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Induction Melting Furnace Spare Parts,for Induction furnace

Induction melting furnace,Induction heating furnace,Induction Melting Furnace Spare Parts


1.Product Introduction

Induction melting Furnace Spare Parts 
Item Product Name PIC Model
1 SCR   KK500A-KK2000A;KP500A-KP3000A;ZP800-3000A
2 Power Transformer   380/220V;220V/17V
3 MF Transformer 1500V/1200V;1000V/100V 20V
4 Current Transformer   660/220V
5 Current Transformer   5/0.1A--4000/5A
6 Potentiometer   2W 2K;5W 10K
7 Oil capacitor 1UF 1KV--0.22UF 4KV
8 Water Jacket SS-12;SS-13;SS-14
9 Pressure Resistor  
10 Noninductive Resistor 200W 10Ω; 200W 30Ω
11 Main Control Board MPU-2FK;MPU-2K;MPU-6;MPU-7;MU-9;IGBT-7
12 Pulse Transformer  Board 1 with 1, 1with 2,1with 4,1with 6, 1with 8
14 Meters MF Frequency Meter;DC Current Meter;AC Current Meter;DC Voltage Meter;Input Voltage Meter;MF Voltage Meter
13 Capacitor Piece 0.75-1000-1S;0.75-1000-2.5S;0.75-1000-4S,6S,8S;1.5-1500-1S;1.5-1500-1S;1.5-2200-0.5;1.5-3000-1;1.5-2000-2.5S

2. Company Introduction

²  Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a manufacturer, which specializes in producing MF induction melting furnaces for more than ten years.

²  Our workers are not professional on the induction melting furnaces, how can we solve that?

Don’t worry, when the MF electric induction melting furnaces arrive at the clients’ plant, our engineer will go and assist in installation, commission, and training until the workers can operate by themselves.

²  Which kind of power supply do you supply? Electricity or gas?

The power supply we provide is electricity.

²  What about your package? If damages happen, how do you solve?

We take wooden cases as the standard of international trade. If damages occur, we will send the spare parts for you.

²  We haven’t do business, how should I trust you?

We have been GOLD supplier for three years with no complaints on Alibaba. And our MF electric induction melting furnaces are very popular in Sudan, Russia, India, Congo,Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan and others.

0.75t Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace

After-sales service commitment

u  Global Professional installation. We have 20 experienced sales service people  many times abroad to installation furnace, in major cities throughout the country and area are equipped with after sale service network. We will abroad installation within a month after delivery.

u  2.We have experienced sales staff and engineers , 24 hours to answer your technical questions and provide professional guidance to install and using.

u  3, Within one year after installation due to quality problems damaged parts replaced free of charge. For the buyer equipment to lifelong maintenance.

u  4, We have the largest spare parts warehouse for induction furnace. Guarantee for equipment spare parts, wearing parts of preferential prices for the supply of.

u  5. In Russia and many other countries have my company service agent , ready for you to solve technical problems

Company Introduce

Weifang Jinhuaxin Electric Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd., establised on 1998, located in Weifang City,Province Shan Dong,covers area of 20000 m2, is high technology enterprise, professionally research, develop and manufacture Induction Heating Equipment.

We professionally manufacture: Induction Heating Equipment(Induction Heating Furnace),Induction Hardening Furnace, MF Induction Melting Furnace(Medium Frequency Furnace),IGBT Superaudio Frequency Induction Heating Furnace, Medium Frequency Power Supply, Medium Frequency Tempering Line, Hardening Machine Tool, and Closed Water Cooling Equipment. The equipment widely used in forging, casting, heat treatment, mechanical thermal processing, power metallurgy and other fields.

0.75t Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace0.75t Aluminum Induction Melting Furnace